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Welcome to the MS Work Space LinkedIn page brought to you by Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS). The aim of these LinkedIn Community Guidelines is to provide clear and useful information about how to interact with our LinkedIn community. 

Our LinkedIn profile content is designed to be accurate, informative, authentic, and a reflection of our commitment to inform members of LinkedIn who’ve found their way to one of our profile pages; it’s also designed to engage you – the LinkedIn member – we encourage feedback, and hope you share some of our content with others in your LinkedIn network. 

However, the information shared on our LinkedIn profile is NOT a substitute for medical advice from a licensed healthcare professional. Consult a physician if you have any medical questions or concerns.

Our LinkedIn profile is monitored daily, and our LinkedIn Community Managers will attempt to address all questions and comments promptly, but there may be delayed responses to comments left after business hours, on weekends, or on major holidays. Some responses may also occur via Direct Message rather than publicly.

Our LinkedIn Community Managers are here to help and support the community. It is important to respect the rights of individuals using social media to voice their views and opinions, but because we’re part of a regulated industry, we may remove any posts that contain comments that violate LinkedIn’s Guidelines.

Here’s a few guidelines to keep in mind.

Intended Audience
The content from this LinkedIn profile is intended for members of LinkedIn who reside in the United States. 

Discussing Medicines
Due to pharma regulations, we cannot discuss any specific medications, ours, or anyone else’s.

Adverse Event (Side Effects)
Our LinkedIn profile is not intended for reporting side effects of medications. You may contact us to report side effects by calling us at 1​-​80​0-​7​2​1-​50​72 or by contacting the FDA directly at 1-​800​-FD​A-​108​8 or visiting If your comment includes a side effect for one of our medications, we may reach out to you privately.

Personal Information
Please be respectful of privacy–don’t include personal, health, or confidential information about yourself, or anyone else on our profile. Keep in mind that revealing your relationships with someone (e.g., my staff member) could identify them. We may use and store information you share with us, or otherwise provide us voluntarily, for example, when reporting a side effect. Please see the BMS Privacy Policy for more information about how we handle information you share.

Off-Topic Conversations
We’d prefer to keep the conversations associated with this handle continuous and strong, which means we want it to be related and in-line with the topic of the page. Please do not post solicitations or promote third party’s product or services. Our community is best served with a discussion that stays on topic and remains relevant.

Maintaining a Tone of Mutual Respect
Do not post vulgar, defamatory, disruptive, spam, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate comments.

Medical Advice
Let’s leave the medical talk for private medical visits. Please do not provide, or request, medical advice on our page. Nothing posted here should be viewed as medical advice.

Third Party Posts or Accounts
Sometimes we link to third-party content, or follow, reply to, follow, or share third-party accounts. This does not mean BMS is endorsing the third-party. We share this content only as a convenience for our LinkedIn profile followers.

Use of Images
A picture is worth a thousand words–except when it belongs to someone else and is copyrighted or trademarked. Please do not post pictures that you do not have the right to post.

Responding to Comments
If you post a comment or question to us, we’ll try our best to respond, but we reserve the right not to. And when we respond, it might be delayed if after hours or on holidays. Also, responding to comments should not be taken as an endorsement of a comment. We do not take responsibility for the comments that you post.

LinkedIn’s Terms & Conditions
Please read and understand LinkedIn’s terms and conditions while you are participating in our community. We are subject to their terms and so are you – you can find them here:

Violating the Community Guidelines Failure to comply with these community guidelines may result in being blocked and we don’t want to do that.

If you would like to contact Bristol Myers Squibb, please visit

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