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Test Your Knowledge

Episode 1

The Impact of MS:
The Effect of Chronic Diseases Like MS On Your Organization

Which of the following is NOT a common symptom of MS?

Which number is closest to the current estimate for the number of people living with MS in the United States?

Given that geographic location is an indicator of disease prevalence, in which state would you expect to find the highest per capita incidence of MS?

When is the recommended time to disclose MS to an employer?

Which of the following represent reasonable accommodations that might be offered to an employee that has been diagnosed with MS?
(Check all that apply)

Processing Results…

Episode 1

The Impact of MS: The Effect of Chronic Diseases Like MS On Your Organization

In our first episode, our host Christine Porath explores the impact of MS on various aspects of workplace productivity with Gina Murdoch—President and CEO of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. The discussion demonstrates how simple it can be to work together to provide valued employees with MS the resources they need to continue to do their jobs effectively. Tune in to get the tools and resources your organization can use to ensure you’re implementing best practices when it comes to MS in the work space.

About our Guest

Gina Murdoch President/CEO, Multiple Sclerosis Association of America For Gina's participation in this Episode, a donation has been made to the MSAA.

Gina Murdoch has served as President and CEO of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) since 2016. For nearly 50 years, MSAA has been dedicated to “Improving Lives Today” and providing support and services to individuals with multiple sclerosis, their families, care partners and the healthcare professional community at large. Among other noteworthy accomplishments, Gina created and co-chaired the first ever MS Coalition Patient Summit that unified the efforts of nine separate organizations to create an innovative patient educational program. As CEO, Gina has cemented local and national partnerships with employer healthcare coalitions to help address knowledge gaps between employees impacted by MS and their employers. On a global level, the MSAA has expanded their mission via the “Navigating MS” collaborative where they engaged clinician and patient/caregiver opinion leaders from Europe, Australia and the US to focus on the topic of shared decision-making to drive improved health outcomes. Gina brings deep knowledge and passion for the MS community to her leadership position, and it is our distinct privilege and pleasure to welcome her to the MS Work Space community as a guest in our educational podcast series.

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